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As a leader in concrete raising and leveling in the Kansas City, central Missouri, and NE Kansas areas, the PolyMagic team has over 60 years combined experience within the construction industry. Polyjacking is the term used within the industry to provide an innovative and effective means of the concrete leveling, although many people still refer to the process as poly leveling, poly foam or even mudjacking. Customers still interchange the term mudjacking to describe this innovative technique of concrete raising, polyjacking. Whether your concrete is cracking, dropping, uneven or posing a trip hazard, PolyMagic has the expertise to assess the situation and provide the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Our team aims to make the process of getting a quote quick and easy so you can continue with your daily routine. Our quoter page allows you to upload several pictures (close up and distant) of your problem area directly into the quoter tool. This gives our team the ability to accurately quote the area without disrupting your schedule.

PolyMagic was initially established to address concrete lifting issues within basement floors, and has since expanded to cover problems areas including:

- Basement Floors
- Concrete Steps
- Driveways
- Foundation Slabs
- Garage Floors
- Patios
- Pool Slabs
- Porches
- Sidewalks
- Slab Homes

PolyMagic co-owner is committed to offering our customers the highest level of customer service. With over 25 5-star reviews, Vince Branaman has seen the difference in PolyMagic compared with competitors within the Kansas City Area... “Determination! I see many competitors are in the void fill business. If the concrete doesn’t immediately rise, other competitors give up, but we know are more experienced and give 100% effort to get the result the customer expects. Yes, concrete slabs can be stubborn. Thus we have developed mechanical devices and methods to overcome these difficulties. There is a difference!"

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Concrete raising cost is typically approximately 33% less than replacing the concrete. Ultimately, the cost of raising or stabilizing concrete is a direct reflection of how much leveling material the project will require, and what the soil under the surface holds. Trust the PolyMagic experts to access the situation, and determine a viable and effective solution to your problem area. Ready for a quick quote? Simply upload an image of your problem area to our quoter tool, and we'll review and be prepared to provide solutions for you. Click below to get started!



Polyjacking has many benefits of the traditional mudjacking. Although the two terms are used simultaneously within the industry, there are many differences. Polyurethane injections are much lighter than the grout mixture used in mudjacking. In addition, the amount of mud, materials, and equipment used during traditional mudjacking exceed the polyjacking process by 5.5 times. Our blog contains many informative articles on the differences in polyjacking and mudjacking.